“Chris and I have been working together since early 2009 and I am consistently impressed with his willingness to provide useful support and resources that have helped me improve my marketing strategies and business building techniques. Chris is a natural leader with a generous personality and a desire to help others. I recommend Chris to anyone looking for career guidance and support.” Cherie Beckmann, President, Open To Abundance

““Chris is an incredibly intelligent, charasmatic leader. He just seems to understand people and how to move them in a common direction.” Wayne Crowley, Human Resources Executive

“Chris is an unbelievable person who has all the qualities you want in a true leader. He is a person of very high integrity and is a true mentor and coach in his field. He has been a great help in supporting me in my business in the fields of personal development and Internet marketing. Chris is someone who is willing to share everything he knows to help others. I would highly recommend Chris and his services.” D. Perrone, CEO , IncomeSolutionsNow, LLC

“Chris is easy to connect with both professionally and personally. He takes his work seriously and has a can-do attitude. I enjoyed working with him and hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the future.”P. Schaeffer, Owner , Talent Strategy Partners LLC

“Chris is a foward thinking, solutions driven leader who has given many whom he has come in contact with inspiration and drive to be the best at their position but also to strive and push themselves to be even better along with making their organization better.” C. Crystal, Human Resources Professional

“Chris is a visionary leader, he shares his passion for the business, and inspires others to work at peak performance.”  Jennifer Lynch, Retail Leader

“Chris is an exceptional public speaker. He is very knowledgeable about trends in leadership” Eric Melniczek, University Leader


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