The Power of Focus at the SAS Championship

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular. – Tony Robbins

This weekend I was fortunate to attend the SAS Championship in Cary, NC. It was an incredible event – well organized and first class all the way. One of the highlights for my father-in-law and me was to speak to and watch Hall of Fame golfers like Nick Price, Freddie Couples, Tom Kite, Hal Sutton, Ben Crenshaw and the legendary Lee Trevino.

Tom Kite

How people become so successful in their lives is a fascination, and often an obsession, for me. Professional golfers have spent years mastering their craft through coaching, observation, imitation, repetition, and feedback. There is no overnight success in professional golf (or anything, for that matter). It take tremendous desire, discipline and focus to be the best of the best and considered highly successful in your area of expertise.

As we watched the golfers perform, the power of their focus became evident. Three things I noticed that contributed to their extreme focus:

1. It starts with their habits. Many professional golfers are very fit. They obviously dedicate time to exercise and eat well so they can perform at the highest level. Also, they engage in very specific routines and rituals in putting and driving practice as well as in the game. They execute these habits everyday.

Ben Crenshaw

2. They have world class confidence. Not every shot is perfect but they focus on the things that they do well and leverage it. My father-in-law and I saw Mark Calcavecchia come off a bogey at the ninth and hit an amazing and powerful drive on the 10th hole. The drive was so powerful that people were saying “Wow”. Mark just picked up his tee and made his walk to the ball. Total confidence that the last hole was over and his focus was on the 10th hole.

3. Consistent persistence has been a large part of their life. In order to be highly successful, they cannot put up with inconsistency. If they do, they will not be doing what they do for very long. A lack of consistent persistence will wreck their performance.

On the bus ride back to the parking lot from the course, I thought about these 3 critical values and how they relate to success in anything. Questions like – How can I become more focused?, Do I have strong daily habits to ensure I reach my goals?, Am I confident enough to leave a failure behind and focus on success in the next thing I do? and Am I allowing inconsistency to be a barrier to my success?

I challenge you to ask yourself similar questions about the goals you have. Are you focused enough to be world class? If no, why not? What can you put in place to be more focused with strong habits, great confidence and consistent persistence? I invite you to respond to this post with your thoughts and reactions.

Until next time, Leaders develop daily, not in a day.


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