Making My Days More Productive

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Leadership Articles

I believe that being productive leads to happiness. The most productive people in the world are also the most happy. Our happiness often manifests when we meet our internal desire to make a difference in someone’s life or the world.

The last few weeks I have been documenting ways that I can make it a highly productive day.

  1. Believe in myself and my abilities
  2. Read inspirational books before I go to bed. Books that guide my dreams, goals, and actions for the next day
  3. Avoid negative people
  4. Never make excuses
  5. Make a decision today to change my life for the better, everyday
  6. Surround myself with motivation through books, mentors, quotes, pictures, audio, positive people, exercise and motivations
  7. Be a role model
  8. Take action
  9. Learn my lessons fast – and move on
  10. Forgive myself
  11. Learn to forgive others
  12. Be grateful for what I have
  13. Read my goals
  14. Get plenty of quality sleep
  15. Give someone a helping hand
  16. Listen to my wife and kids laugh
  17. Make my wife and kids laugh
  18. Eat healthy foods
  19. Smile
  20. Exercise
  21. Breath deep
  22. Drink plenty of fresh, clean LeBleu water
  23. Take time out for my wife, kids and friends
  24. Stretch
  25. Over deliver on my promises – do 10% more than expected
  26. Relax
  27. Don’t take life too seriously
  28. Dance with my kids to the Jonas Brothers
  29. Never give up on my dreams or myself

If you have some ways that make your days highly productive, feel free to comment. I’d love to read them and add them to my Productive Day Library.

Until next time, Leaders develop daily…Not in a day!


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