The Truth about Development & Growth

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Leadership Articles

WARNING – This blog post contains the truth about development and growth. If you are looking for the magic bullet, secret formula, quick fix or you are adverse to work, discipline and commitment – this post is not for you. This post is about the three requirements to develop and grow personally.

We have been bombarded with claims that are “over the top” and too sensational for way too long. Lose 10 pounds in a week, make a million dollars by working 4 hours a day, and other claims just are not true. Overnight successes do not happen. In order to develop and grow in our leadership, job performance, relationships and faith, we must get back to the “old school” basics.

I believe there to be the “Big 3” when it comes to succeeding in Personal Development & Growth

1. Development requires Accountability
Accountability is a foundation to achieving goals and overcoming barriers. It takes a great deal of courage, self-awareness and honesty to be accountable for the daily choices that drive action toward our goals. Most people that achieve their goals have leveraged the power of accountability whether it’s having an “accountability partner”, making goals public, asking people to hold them to their goals, or simply writing them down. The bottom line is – You are 100% responsible for your choices and actions. These choices and actions drive your goal achievement

2. Development requires Help
Achieving goals takes more than you. It’s 100% O.K. to ask for help. Help is not only for the weak but for the strong that want to remain strong. It takes the support and help of others. Enlist others in your goals by communicating the reasons this goal is so important to you. I find it surpirsing the number of quality people that will serve me in helping me reach my goals once they understand the impact. This inspires me to help others reach their goals.

3. Development requires Work
No bones about it, we have to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty when it comes to development and growth. To get something, you have to give up something. You may have to reduce your entertainment time and increase your education time. Turn the television off and get focused on you. Set small goals to read 10 pages a day on mastering your goal, make 2 extra prospecting calls a day or have lunch twice a week with someone that can teach you something.Developing and growing takes extra effort and focus and is hard but the rewards are 10 times the effort.

Developing and growing throughout our lives is hard. It can be tedious, laborious and even boring. Following the three requirements to develop and grow will help you develop a plan of action toward your new success. The bigger picture we must keep in mind is that IT’S WORTH IT!


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